Quadro Parkour: The World’s First Four-Wheel Scooter

In the meantime we’ve become accustomed to three-wheel scooters. They’re available from Piaggio (MP3), from the small Italian Manufacturer Quadro and, with its brand-new Metropolis, also from Peugeot. However, Quadro from Cerro Maggiore near Milan has now gone one better or rather added one on: with Parkour, the Italians have produced the world’s first four-wheel scooter.


Photo-Credit: Breutel

The technical basis is HTS, the patented hydraulic tilting system, which is already used for the front wheels of the company’s three-wheel scooter. However the Parkour will also have this system for the rear wheels.“The three-wheeler already achieves pretty good lean angles,” said Quadro Manager Claudio Consonni. “But the four-wheel scooter finally makes a genuine motorbike feeling possible.”

The Parkour is powered by a water-cooled, single-cylinder 4-valve 346 cc engine that has 27 hp and a top speed of 120 km/h. It weighs 250kg, has a 25 litre fuel tank and will be produced in Taiwan. The four-wheeler is expected to enter the market in November 2013; the price has not yet been announced. Similar to the three-wheel scooter, only a car driving license is required to ride this scooter.

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